For those with wet feet and enjoy ships

As I was walking through the store yesterday I stopped to look at some of the completed models that customers have placed in our display case over the years. One of the things that have always fascinated me are the ship models. Here are three of them. The first is the Fujimi 1/350 scale model of the Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Kongo, built by Allan Bone of O’Fallon Missouri. Allan built this model from the Fujimi kit and added etched metal detail parts and a laser cut wood decking material along with a lot of hard work.

IJN Battleship KONGO photo of model

IJN Battleship KONGO Fujimi kit by Allan Bone

The next model, while only being about half the physical size or so is still the same scale of 1/350. This is the IJN Yukikazi. This Kagero Class destroyer was built using several kits for parts and many etched metal and hand made detail parts. The model is configured for Operation Ten-Go on April 6th & 7th, 1945. The late Dan Keck of University City Missouri was the builder. Dan was an exceptional ship model builder.

IJN Yukikazi model photo

Photo of the IJN Yukikazi model on display at Mark Twain Hobby Center Saint Charles Missouri

And the last to be seen in this post is another model by Dan Keck. This is the USS Buchanan DD 484 as it appeared November 13 and 14 1942 during night action at the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Please excuse the pictures, hopefully I will do better next time. These models show you just what can be accomplished with the different kits that are available, along with patience and research.

Happy sailing


New page for Hobby Links on our website

For the past couple of years we have been working to get together a list of the various hobby clubs and groups in the state. Well, I finally got one together and it is now posted on the website. I would imagine that it is not a complete list and there are groups that I have missed. That is to be expected, knowing me. However, please take a look at the list and if you know of any group or club that is MIA or new let me know so that I put them up. Here is a link to the list:

You can also find it on the home page (or any page for that matter) either up at the top in the tab section called Hobby Links or down at the bottom in the footer under the same name. Also, if you are part of a club that is listed, do me a favor and link back to our site, that way we both benefit and people will be able to find both of us easier.



Rumor Alert! RC8.2e RS RTR from Team Associated |

Rumor Alert! RC8.2e RS RTR from Team Associated |

Associated RC8 2E

Here is a quick video

New Seagull Showstring 75-91 ARF

Seagull 143 Showstring ARF

Seagull 143 Showstring ARF radio control aircraft

Hello everyone.

Seagull has introduced the Shoestring 75-91 ARF ( SEA143 ), a scale replica of the famous Formula 1 racer. This Shoestring delivers great scale looks and excellent performance with a number of scale details, including a detailed cockpit with pilot figure. The aircraft is made of balsa/ply construction is covered in UltraCote® covering. The factory painted fiberglass cowl finishes the front end and all hardware needed to finish assembly is included. This is a great looking kit and should fly as well as it looks.
Here are the specifics of this ARF:

Multiple power system options for sport or pylon racing
Balsa and balsa plywood construction makes it lightweight and strong
Bright visual scale color scheme and colorful scale decal sheet
All necessary hardware and accessories included so no need to purchase additional parts to complete the assembly
A motor mount and Electric Power battery tray are included for electric conversion
Cockpit with pilot and racing helmet
Covered UltraCote® for a high quality finish
Painted fiberglass cowl gives the plane a high quality finish
Wingspan:63.0 in (160 cm)
Overall Length:54.5 in (139 cm)
Wing Area:725 sq. in. (46.6 sq. dm.)
Flying Weight:8.80 – 9.70 lb (4.0 – 4.4 kg)
Engine Size:0.61-0.75 2-stroke; 0.91-1.25 4-stroke
Motor Size:Power 60
Radio:4-channel minimum radio system
Servos:5 standard digital (4 standard digital for EP) servos required
Trim Scheme Colors:UltraCote White (U870)
CG (center of gravity):3-11/16 in (94mm) behind the leading edge at wing root
Prop Size:Evolution 61: 13 x 8; Saito 125: 16 x 8; Power 60: 14 x 10
Spinner Size:86mm
Speed Control :60-Amp brushless
Recommended Battery:22.2V 6S 5000mAh 30C LiPo
Control Throw (Ailerons):Low: 3/8 in (10mm); High: 1/2 in (12mm)
Control Throw (Elevator):Low: 3/8 in (10mm); High: 1/2 in (12mm)
Control Throw (Rudder):Low: 13/16 in (20mm); High: 1-3/16 in (30mm)
Minimum Age Recommendation:14 years
Experience Level:Intermediate
Recommended Environment:Outdoor
Assembly Time:10-15 Hours
Is Assembly Required:Yes
We currently have this in stock.  Only 289.99

Train Pictures from Our Collection

Alton and Southern Railroad Steam Loco #16

Alton and Southern Railroad #16 Mikado locomotive. One of 7 Mikados that the A&S Railroad had in their stable of locomotives.

As most of you know we have developed a new website for . Our old website had a link to some images from our train photo collection (accumulation) and we added to that link additional images as we had time. We since the old website is no longer available I have begun to place the photos up on a Flickr site for the store. Here is a link to that site:

Eventually, I will get all of this under control and learn how to put buttons up for things like this. And we will be adding additional images from the collection on a regular basis now. So take a minute and enjoy some of these.

By the way, for all of our RC and Model customers, we have not forgotten you. We are working on some posts that will have an interest for you.

Eric Brooman’s Utah Belt Railroad

As so many of you are aware, Eric Brooman has been one of the top of the model railroad builders for many years. Eric’s photographs of his layout have graced the covers of Model Railroader and Model Railroad Craftsman many times as well as other publications and books. The other day Eric brought in a disk with a few of his photos for us to share and enjoy. So here they are. Hope you like them as much as we do.

I Hobby Expo Moves to Cleveland for the 2012 show

This year the IHobby Expo is moving from Chicago to Cleveland. Here is a link to this hobby bonanza consumer and trade show:

For the last 20 years, give or take, the show has been held at the Rosemont convention center near O’hare airport. With the move the organizers are hoping to spur a larger crowd to visit the convention. In their effort to do this they are adding the High Voltage Monster Truck Championships races as well as many other venues such as a Thomas the Tank Train Ride/Display area, a Make It and Take It model building area and Mecha-Mayhem 2012, a Robot competition.

Should be fun to see. Check out the site page and make your plans early to attend.

We’ve entered the digital blog world.

Good morning all. As of today we have entered the world of digital blogs. While I am not sure how all of this works, it certainly has been fun trying to figure it out. With this format our hope is to provide information on products, tips on how to do different things and more in a fun and entertaining way. And we want your feedback as well. So let’s give it a go.