New page for Hobby Links on our website

For the past couple of years we have been working to get together a list of the various hobby clubs and groups in the state. Well, I finally got one together and it is now posted on the website. I would imagine that it is not a complete list and there are groups that I have missed. That is to be expected, knowing me. However, please take a look at the list and if you know of any group or club that is MIA or new let me know so that I put them up. Here is a link to the list:

You can also find it on the home page (or any page for that matter) either up at the top in the tab section called Hobby Links or down at the bottom in the footer under the same name. Also, if you are part of a club that is listed, do me a favor and link back to our site, that way we both benefit and people will be able to find both of us easier.



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