What Makes a 4-Star 40 Fast for RC Pylon Racing by Paul Geders

Here is a great article written by Paul Geders of Saint Louis on how to supe up your Sig 4 Star Forty for club pylon racing. Paul has raced with the Spirits of Saint Louis Radio Control Flying Club for many years and has the experience and technical knowledge to give you a hand in building a winning racer. Take a few minutes to read this article, then go out and join the racing fun. Click on the link to read this:

What Makes a 4-Star 40 Fast for RC Pylon Racing by Paul Geders

By the way here is a link to the Spirits RC Flying Club website for more information on the club and their activities:


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One Comment on “What Makes a 4-Star 40 Fast for RC Pylon Racing by Paul Geders”

  1. adi says:

    RC Maximum power is generally achieved at medium to high speeds, and a slightly slower throttle response than electrically powered vehicles is to be expected due to clutching and lack of torque.
    Electric motors effectively produce instantaneous torque, whereas nitro engines, like full-sized gasoline engines, take time for the engine to spool up and for the clutch to engage.
    Nitro- (and fuel) powered cars may be refueled and returned to action in a few seconds, as opposed to electrics needing to remove the body shell and battery fasteners to replace a discharged battery.
    Nitro cars are cooled some by air, some by the oil mixed in with the fuel and may be run continuously with no need to take breaks for cooling down assuming they are properly tuned.
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