Pinewood Derby Time is Here and we are holding classes to teach the basics and speed techniques

Mark Twain Hobby Center is again pleased to announce that we will be holding Pinewood Derby How -To classes again this year. Last year these classes were completely full and we expect them to be the same this year. Here is the schedule:
Saturday December 8th          10 am to 11 am

Saturday December 15th        2 pm to 3 pm

Wednesday December 19th   7 pm to 8 pm

The classes will include information on aerodynamics, weight, center of gravity, axles, lubrication and finishing. Gary Pyles will be the instructor.

Pinewood_derby_cars_class at Mark Twain Hobby Center

Pinewood_derby_cars_class at Mark Twain Hobby Center

We will have a sign up sheet at the register for those that would like to attend. Be sure and get signed up quickly so you will have a spot. You must sign up for the class to be able to attend due to space considerations. This is a FREE class. By the way we have the best selection in the region for Pinewood Derby , Pinecar  supplies such as bodies, wheels, axles, graphite etc and aftermarket speed parts like tungsten weights and finishing accessories.
Keep on derbying,





Fall Sale

Well, here we go again. Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 16,17 and 18) only. Mark Twain Hobby Center will be having a 20% OFF whatever you can carry to the register sale. So load your carts into your car and come on in. Just as a reminder this sale does not include gift cards, lay-aways, consignment or used items or special orders of our Ebay store. However, anything else that does not fall into those categories is on sale, even stuff that would normally not be discountable.

This is our way of saying thank you to all of our valued customers and friends.

Mark Twain Hobby Center 20 percent off sale

Mark Twain Hobby Center 20% OFF sale

I usually get around to looking at the blogs or newsletters from many of our suppliers just to keep up with what is happening in the hobby world. While doing this I came across this little bit information on a company we have done business with for many years. They are the makers of our line of CA glues. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Not Just for Models

A lot of engineers that work for aerospace firms are also modelers. This has resulted in major corporations being introduced to the performance and price advantages of BSI’s adhesive line. Cessna has used BSI CA and accelerator on every 350 and 400 Corvalis that has been produced.

These aircraft are the certified versions of the original Lancair high performance homebuilts that have from the very beginning included BSI adhesives as part of the kits.

Epic Aircraft has followed Lancair’s lead by also using BSI.

BSI’s cyanoacrylates are also used by several aerospace firms specializing in providing custom interiors for aircraft ranging from small business jets on up to the Boeing 737 and 767. One of the largest suppliers of armor for the US military uses more Insta-Cure and Insta-Set than anyone on the planet.

The drones used by the Defense Dept. that have become so crucial in the War on Terror have their roots in model aircraft. So naturally, many of these UAVs also rely on BSI, especially when repairs are needed for the aircraft in such far away places as Iraq and Afghanistan. Aerovironment has produced more UAVs than any other company. In the field, their Raven, Wasp and Puma use BSI’s Super-Gold+ and Insta-Set.

Lockheed-Martin has found BSI’s IC-2000 to be unmatched for use on their Desert Hawk UAS.Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing, uses BSI products in the development of their highly successful ScanEagle and the new Integrator.

Many other manufacturing firms, including Northrop Grumman, Orbital Science Corp, All American Racers, SAIC, BAE Systems and Siemens, depend on the performance and reliability of BSI’s adhesives, the exact same products you can purchase at your local hobby shop and other retail outlets.

I Hope that you enjoyed seeing what other things CA adhesives can be used for.
Happy gluing,

Rechargeable Moto Tools

Last evening I spent a bit of time in the basement working on repairing a charm bracelet for a friend of my grand-daughter. Part of this repair required me to use a rechargeable moto grinding tool. Due to the tools size I was able to get the job done quick and easy. Not so if I had to use my old reliable Dremel plug-in grinding tool. The main reason for this was the physical size. The rechargeable tool was actually smaller than the Dremel, which by the way gets a workout doing the heavy work, and a bit easier to use for this project which did not need a lot of power. That is the reason for writing this today. We were able to obtain a large quantity of rechargeable moto grinding tools that were originally sold for another purpose but the tool company customer didn’t take them. This tool comes with a 1/8 inch collet which fits all of the Dremel and other brand grinding bits and from what I can tell can use the standard Dremel chucks.

rechargeable battery operated moto tool grinder

Special rechargeable battery operated moto tool grinder

Originally we were able to get around a 100 of these tools to offer for sale at $10.99.  We are down to our last 40 units and they are now priced at $7.99 until they are gone, which won’t be very long. You can’t beat this value, even if you only use it a few times it will pay for itself in convenience. It comes with the tool, rechargeable battery, charger and a sanding drum. If you work with models, plastic or wood or any other craft that needs a lighter duty grinding tool than the Dremel, then this is your baby. Don’t expect it to replace your Dremel grinder, it won’t, but it does give you another way to work.

Keep on building,




Spacerail 5

Well things are heating up here at the store as the holidays are just around the corner. I was a bit surprised to learn that Christmas is just 49 days after today. So the rush is on and the commercials will go from political to holiday stuff. At least the holiday commercials are less irritating. Anyway, we received something new the other day that just fascinated the heck out of me. While I may be easy to distract, this thing is really cool. It’s called Spacerail and the whole idea is to create a series of rails that large ball bearings roll down much like a roller coaster and then are transported back up the elevator to begin the process all over again. You can change the tracking to just about any configuration. Far out! Here is what the manufacturer says about this thing:

spacerail level 5 ball bearing roller coaster toy. Space Rail 5

Spacerail level 5 ball bearing roller coaster toy

“SpaceRail is a line of do-it-yourself toy rolling ball roller coasters. Cut the length of the track to the correct size, form cubes and loops, attach them to metal rods in the plastic base and you are ready to go roll! SpaceRail is a crazy, self-perpetuating gizmo that will delight kids and adults alike.After unboxing SpaceRail and figuring out how to put it all together, the fun starts. Place two marbles into the central shaft and watch as they shoot off down the rails, taking the hair pins, gaining speed on the dips and looping the loop until they reach the bottom of the central shaft and start over again and again. It’s potentially a never-ending self-perpetuating spectacle. SpaceRail is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves physics, science or just marbles.”

Currently we are carrying 2 different versions of the Spacerail . There is a Spacerail Level 3 and Spacerail Level 5  and they make wonderful gifts to yourself or others. Here is a video showing the Spacerail in action. Keep in mind this can be configured to unlimited styles and this is just one person’s style:

Keep on rolling,