Electric Flight Questions and Answers

The other day I ran across this website by a fellow in Australia that is heavily involved in Electric flight. One of the best parts of the website were his answers to questions concerning RC electric flight including everything from beginning in RC to many commonly asked questions about battery cells and motors.  Since I would not take anything for granted, I did notice that most of his answers were very easily understood for the novice. Take a look for yourself, you might find some tidbit of information that will help you.

This is Peter Pine and his Electric Sailplane

This is Peter Pine and his Electric Sailplane


The fellows name is Peter Pine and he lives in New South Wales Australia.  By the way, wouldn’t it be nice to be down there right now at a flying field? They are just coming into their spring weather.

Happy Flying




One Comment on “Electric Flight Questions and Answers”

  1. Dan McEntee says:

    I believe this is the same Peter Pine that was a member of the Australian team to the second ever Electric World Championships held here in the St. Louis area at Parks College in Cahokia, IL. I was a member of the Mississippi Valley Soaring Association that was the organizing club of the event. It was an awesome event with entrants from 13 different countries plus the USA. I’m very proud to have been a member of the club and a part of what was called one of the most successful world championships ever held. Lots of good memories and stories to tell sometime! Dan McEntee, Florissant, Mo

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