Joe Steimann’s Winston Eagle 1/4 Scale turbine hydroplane


Here is some eye candy for you. Joe Steimann scratch built this beautiful 1/4 scale Winston Eagle turbine powered hydroplane boat. There is not a lot that I can say that is not shown in the pictures. I attached a video to the blog as well showing the boat run. This video was taken by a camera mounted to the fin at the rear of the boat. Pretty cool. The boat is 101 inches long and 43 inches wide and weighs in at 72 pounds. It is powered by a Jetcat SPM5 gas turbine with 28000 RPM at the shaft. The boat is constructed of aircraft ply with fiberglass and graphite overlay, foam with graphite lamination and lots of hard work.

Here is a link to additional pictures:

A video of it running can be seen here. Hope you enjoy this great piece of work. By the way, it is on display at Mark Twain Hobby Center.

Happy running,



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