Are You Immersed In Your Hobby?

World War 1 Soldiers in France with a Bee Suit

World War 1 Soldiers in France with a Bee Suit

While this picture is not related to any of the hobbies that we carry at Mark Twain Hobby Center, I am using it to ask you “Are You Immersed In Your Hobby”? This fellow certainly is. This is a group of World War 1 soldiers in France obviously taking some needed rest. The “Bee Suit” that the one soldier is wearing is actually a swarm of honey bees. To do this he took the queen from the swarm and placed her on his clothing up around his neck. When the rest of the swarm located her they lit onto his clothing and neck and hung out forming the “Bee Suit”. Obiously, this soldier had the hobby of beekeeping back in the states and was used to being around the bees as he is very comfortable with them. Do you take the time to show people your hobby, or spend time telling others about the neat things that you do? Do you get really excited about the things that you do or build and want to share it with others? I certainly do and think that if you were to put out a survey it would show that those that enjoy their hobby the most are the same ones that share their excitement and joy with others about that hobby. Clubs are a great place to find others that have the same hobby interest and passion as you. How about sharing with others through such outlets as nursing/adult day care centers or at the library or in the schools?

Over the years that we have been in business, we have put different groups in touch with hobbyists that would go out and spend a little time with others sharing their interest and passion. One such event dealt with older men in an assisted living facility that enjoyed building balsa stick models. Dan McEntee spent time with them talking about the models and showing what was available and tips on building these models. The feedback from the facility was phenomenal as each person shared their memories of building models as a kid. Or about the times that were spent with Cub Scouts giving tips on building better Pinewood Derby cars.

Check with your church or local community center to find out the possibility of setting up a beginning model building class or take a youngster out to the field the next time you fly. You will be surprised at the effect that your enthusiasm will have on them.

Take a look at the soldiers that surround this bee hobbyist. Want to bet some of them will go back to states and set up a bee hive.

Spread the word, hobbies are fun



110St Tactical Fighter Squadron “Lindbergh’s Own” Missouri National Guard

110st TFS MO ANG Photo

Members of the 110st Tactical Fighter Squadron

The 110th Observation Squadron was established by the Militia Bureau on on June 23,1923, which authorized the immediate organization of the 110th Observation Squadron, 35th Division of Aviation, Missouri National Guard. The units first headquarters was located in a filling station on Manchester Avenue. From this location it was moved to a small room over a grocery store on Olive Street Road In St Louis County. Meetings were held at the Airport, which at the time was little more than a pasture, there were no airplanes and no uniforms for the enlisted men.

Through the years the unit grew in equipment, men and stature while serving the country in WW2 as a fighter/reconnaissance configuration and winning the Presidential Unit Citation for action in the pacific. After being re-designated as the 110th Fighter Squadron in 1946 the unit’s service also included the Korean War, Berlin Airlift Crisis and many of it’s members served during the Vietnam War.

Keeping watch over the Saint Louis skies in F-100, F-4, and F-15 fighter jets the unit was slowly moved from the local Saint Louis area with the new designation as the 110th Bomber Squadron in 2008 and now flying B-2 bombers out of Whiteman Air Force Base in central Missouri.

F-100 of 110st TFS Missouri Air National Guard

F-100 of 110st TFS Missouri Air National Guard

A full history with additional information on the linage, assignments and aircraft can be found here:

Mark Twain Hobby Center has commissioned one of our manufacturers to provide a souvenir to this great group of men and women. We now have available a 14 inch full color sign that has been distressed to look old that resembles the patches of the 110th Tactical Fighter Squadron from about 1960 to the early 1990’s. This is a great new wall hanger for your den, aircraft collection room or garage and will compliment any memorabilia or model collection. The design is the same as that shown on the side of the aircraft in the photographs.

Lindberg's Own 131st TFS Sign by Mark Twain Hobby Center

Lindberg’s Own 131st TFS Sign by Mark Twain Hobby Center

These are in limited numbers so don’t wait.

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Overland Park International Trade Center
6800 W. 115th Street, Overland Park, KS

Saturday February 09, 2013
9:00 AM—4:00 PM

R/C Planes-Boats-Helicopter-Cars
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Radio and RC Airplane Setup Class by FUTABA Sponsored Pilot


Blanchette Bridge Demolition 12/4/12 Video taken by Customer’s Radio Controlled Quadcopter

Good morning everyone,

R/C helicopters and especially Quad-copters are extremely popular right now. Almost everyone that is new to the hobby desires to put a camera into their aircraft and fly it around through the house or over the neighbors house the same way they see it done in the movies or on television. Well, Jon Kriegh of Saint Charles has done this to the max. Jon has custom built several Quad-copters and attached miniature video cameras to them for aerial views of many of Saint Charles County’s landmarks. Here is a video taken by Jon of the demolition of the Blanchette bridge last month. Keep in mind that Jon was flying this unit by remote control from the ground. These are great videos and I am sure that they helped the state’s demolition contractor to view the take down of the bridge more effectively. Great work Jon.


Blanchette Bridge Demolition 12/4/12 Aerial Optics, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Blanchette Bridge Demolition 12/4/12 Aerial Optics, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED on Vimeo.


By the way, if you need aerial video work done, get a hold of Jon through his website at .