The New Worlds Smallest Quadcopter has an Amazing Feature

New worlds smallest quadLooks as though there is a new world’s smallest quad on the market! New Estes TRIM X Quad is only an amazing half an inch. Not only does it have a solid of ten minutes of run time, the new blades make the most cutting of it’s time, literally. The new features of the Estes TRIM X make it completely versatile to cut your nose hairs. Blades designed for cutting those nose hairs, the TRIM X opposite-rotating rotors give you a clean cut finish each time, they are so sharp you will never have to sharpen them.

Key Features
LED light indicates front and back of the heli, and also helps in low light flying
4-channel 2.4GHz Radio with digital trims
Four micro motors
100mAh 3.7V LiPo battery
USB charge cord
One-piece PCB frame
Dimensions: .5 x .5″
Weight: 0.25oz (11.5g)

*Disclaimer: Estes and Mark Twain Hobby is not responsible for any lost quads that are accidentally breathed in or broken when they are sneezed out*

New TRIM X will be available in stores soon starting April 2015!


Happy April 1st  Everyone!


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