Moebius 1969 F100 Review by Wes Salazar

20150821_162943The 69 Ford F-100 has become popular with collectors and customizers alike. Now model builders can have the opportunity to build their own with Mobius’ new 69 Ford kit. Just like the Mobius kits from last year, this one is very well tooled and thought out.

Assembly begins with the frame and front suspension. Be mindful of the different sides to the I-beams and stabilizer bars, as it is easy to put them on the wrong sides. You will have to sand the seam once you put the rear axle together as well. The steel wheels with separate dog dish hubcaps are a nice touch as well. Next is the motor assembly. This kit only comes with the option of a straight 6, but you could easily swap the V-8 from the 71 Ford kit if you’d prefer. The 6 cylinder, however, builds up very nice and is pretty straight forward, with plenty of opportu
nities for detailing. A separate transmission makes paint a breeze for both it and the block, and it fits snuggly onto the frame.20150821_16313520150821_163356

The bed is another nice feature of the kit, as it has all separate pieces. Besides, inner bed tubs, floor, and front and rear portions of the bed make painting a snap and fit it second to none. The step-down bumper is optional, but I did not see a substitution for it if chosen not to be used. There are very little mold lines that will need to be removed from the cab as you go to paint it. There is a separate firewall along with all the other goodies under the hood. When it was fully assembled though the engine bay looked like there was something missing, or just bare. This could be another awesome place for some heavy detail. One problem I ran into while assembling the cab was the fitment of the glass. The rear fit just fine, but the windshield, however, was a royal pain. The sides snap onto the outside of the A-pillars, but the glass is installed from the inside. This makes for a very tight fit (no need for glue), but also a nightmare to get it in. I actually chipped the clear coat on the cowl trying to get it into place. The other problem I ran into was the fitment of the hood once the core support piece was in place. It’s as almost if the support is too tall and makes for a sloppy hood fit.20150821_163236

All in all this was a very nice kit to build. Despite the two issues I had, I think Mobius hit it out of the park with this one. I can’t wait to build a custom version next with my own touches to it. I recommend this kit to moderate to advanced builders who are looking for something to cover a wide range of styles and trends. Mobius has definitely become a player in the model car category, and if this kit is any indication, they plan on staying, and climbing up the rankings among model car kits.