Bandai Figure-rise Standard Omegamon (Amplified) Model Kit – BAS5057816

By: Johnathan Fabrizi

     So back in the 90’s there were a few franchises popping up, most of those franchises have big names in modern pop culture. There was the release of the Super Nintendo, Space Jam, Beanie Babies, Pokemon and Tamagotchi. Pokemon had a competitor though which combined the Tamagotchi toy brand a similar system to Pokemon. This competitor was Digimon. Digimon had also been incredibly popular similar to Pokemon where they both had an animated series based on little monsters that follow their human companions. This led to a multitude of products ranging from toys to clothing. Sadly as of 2019 most of the popularity that Digimon had has since died down. However, the franchise is not forgotten. Bandai has released a new Figure-Rise Standard model based off of Omegamon, or Omnimon for western audiences. This will be a review of the Figure-rise Standard Omegamon (Amplified) model made by Bandai.  


The box illustration is a 10/10. To me this is a fantastic piece of artwork that shows how awesome the Omegamon Digimon really is. The colors are vibrant and it shows how intimidating it can really be while maintaining the knight aspect of Omegamon and also making it look very mechanical. The looking being in accordance to the information on the box that states “Amplified” means a series which amplifies the features of characters while paying respect to their original designs and which also combines playabillity unique to plastic models. Well the box looks good now to see if what they advertise is what you get.


Overall Look: 10/10
      This is an amazing representation of Omegamon and will definitely stand out of any shelf. The asymmetry is interesting and the mechanical design compared to original design makes it look exactly as the box described while maintaining the look of Omegamon. It stands a little taller than a 1:144 scale Gundam and it gives an imposing feeling when looking at it.


Colors: 8/10
       The colors are pretty good, they are nice and rich which can also be a negative on this kit. The blues are pretty much perfect with the white and red and the main focus of the kit is drawn to the brightest parts of this kit. Unfortunately, the oranges are overpowering. They almost have a toy-like plastic look and unlike the rest of the kit they seem to wash out the other colors form rest of the kit. This is by far not the worst offender. The grey swords colors are just awful, they are molded in a solid white and it looks very flat and uninteresting. Even though there is molded detail on the blade itself. This kit’s solution is to use big and distracting stickers.

      The stickers do not look to bad at first glance especially for the small detail color corrections, however the sword stickers look exceptionally bad. Not only do they cover the molded detail the finish on the stickers does not seem to match the rest of the kit and look not very appealing. I managed to salvage some of the detail in the plastic by using a cotton swab to lightly push in those details to give it more depth. Luckily the detail is molded in and would be easy to paint later on. The other stickers are acceptable and look rather decent on their own.

Weapons 9/10
     The weapons are great but are lacking in a few areas. They are interchangeable between arms being they have the same connection points. The only main issue with the weapons are the swords colors which I mentioned earlier.


Articulation: 5/10
      The articulation on this kit is pretty bad. The legs are great with an exceptional extension outwards and to the side. The knee is double jointed and separates achieving a 90 degree bend. The toes can also move upwards but not at all downwards. The arms are unable to achieve a 90 degree angle straight out on both arms. The blue arm is able to achieve a 90 degree bend at the elbow but the orange can only do so at certain positions. The the waist has some bend to is but not to much which is good because this kit is a little back heavy due to the cape. The neck can only tilt up at about 45 degrees and can not look down at all. The cape goes up only about 45-50 degrees when not spread out and only about 30 degrees when spread out. However with some careful placement you can achieve iconic poses the character made from the Anime and the games.


Build Design: 8/10
       This kit is decently engineered with the two compatible weapons connections and the legs. The color separation in the chest is very good and the mechanical looks very good. I like the finish of the model and would look great on a shelf next to Gundam kits without looking out of place. However, the shoulders are not great even with a unique joint that would have given it more movement range but does not have enough room to do so. The horns on the orange arm are maybe to large as they get in the way when trying to pose the arm. The shield is on a ball joint and does not move out of the way for the arm to move in some directions. Even with the negatives this makes a great standing piece and looks great.

Fun Factor: 9/10
        This kit was pretty fun to build altogether. The only minus being the stickers and the articulation. It still poses well enough for me to be satisfied with it and the high detail looks great to. The unique joints were great to experience. Even though there are some problems, but this kit has a lot of potential as a whole.


Bandai Figure-rise Standard Omegamon (Amplified) Model Kit – BAS5057816


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