Mark Hann’s Garden Railroad in Rural Missouri Newspaper

Greeting everyone,

In the last issue of Rural Missouri magazine that is put out monthly by the Rural Electric Cooperatives there was a wonderful article on our friends (and customer) garden railroad. Mark Hann has been working on his railroad for many years and this was a neat article showing Marks handiwork. Here is a link to the article:

Mark stopped by and gave me a disk with a number of the photos that were taken by the author of the article, Kyle Spradley. I posted the pictures on our Flickr site and here is a link to see all of the photos :

Also there is a cool video that was taken with the miniature camera that is in the cab of one of his locomotives. Watch it here and enjoy:

It goes to show what you can do with model railroading and gardening. Mark also has a neat G scale (same size) in his basement for those days when the weather is not pleasant to be out enjoying.