Spacerail 5

Well things are heating up here at the store as the holidays are just around the corner. I was a bit surprised to learn that Christmas is just 49 days after today. So the rush is on and the commercials will go from political to holiday stuff. At least the holiday commercials are less irritating. Anyway, we received something new the other day that just fascinated the heck out of me. While I may be easy to distract, this thing is really cool. It’s called Spacerail and the whole idea is to create a series of rails that large ball bearings roll down much like a roller coaster and then are transported back up the elevator to begin the process all over again. You can change the tracking to just about any configuration. Far out! Here is what the manufacturer says about this thing:

spacerail level 5 ball bearing roller coaster toy. Space Rail 5

Spacerail level 5 ball bearing roller coaster toy

“SpaceRail is a line of do-it-yourself toy rolling ball roller coasters. Cut the length of the track to the correct size, form cubes and loops, attach them to metal rods in the plastic base and you are ready to go roll! SpaceRail is a crazy, self-perpetuating gizmo that will delight kids and adults alike.After unboxing SpaceRail and figuring out how to put it all together, the fun starts. Place two marbles into the central shaft and watch as they shoot off down the rails, taking the hair pins, gaining speed on the dips and looping the loop until they reach the bottom of the central shaft and start over again and again. It’s potentially a never-ending self-perpetuating spectacle. SpaceRail is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves physics, science or just marbles.”

Currently we are carrying 2 different versions of the Spacerail . There is a Spacerail Level 3 and Spacerail Level 5  and they make wonderful gifts to yourself or others. Here is a video showing the Spacerail in action. Keep in mind this can be configured to unlimited styles and this is just one person’s style:

Keep on rolling,