Walthers 2013 N-Scale Reference Book for Model Railroading is here

Well, it’s that time of the year when the weather begins to change and for many that means it is time to give up the outdoor activities and head to the basement to work on the trains. And the people at Walther’s knows this quite well as they schedule their annual release of the Walther’s Reference Books for model railroading. These “catalogs” are famous for the sheer amount of model train stuff that is shown by the different manufacturers. They are correct in calling it a reference book. I enjoy spending many hours just flipping through to see what is available or for ideas. The HO scale book was released a few weeks ago and was mentioned in a previous post and yesterday the N Scale book arrived.


Here is the official Walther’s blurb on the the book:

“For 80 years, Walthers has been committed to the fine tradition of model railroading.

The annual Walthers Reference Book is a ‘must have’ for model railroaders – those with years of experience as well as those just getting started.

Exciting new features in 2013 include:

* All-New Wall Calendar

* Easy-Access Up-front Hobby Shop Listing

* New Name Train Stories

* And More!

It’s a usable, collectible resource. Don’t just take our word for it…

“For most any model railroad project I work on, I turn to one of the Walthers Reference Books. Walthers Reference Books have been an important resource for me, especially when planning modeling projects. While the Internet is a great tool for finding information, it works best if you already know what you are looking for. With the printed Reference Book, you can easily browse selections of products, which can be great for generating ideas. Many times over the years I’ve started looking for one thing, only to find something better just a few pages away, which ultimately makes a better finished model. The Reference Books are a great modeling tool.”

-David Popp, Managing Editor, Model Railroader magazine

As always, there are thousands of new and current product listings plus Information Stations, inspirational Magic photos and model railroading resources.”


If you are interested in Model Railroads or even just model diorama building take some time to check these reference books out. They really are neat to see.
Happy Modeling