Un-boxing: AMT 1/25 Scale 1976 GMC General Semi Coca-Cola Plastic Model Kit

This is a highly detailed special Coca-Cola version of the 1/25 Scale 1976 GMC General Semi Truck Plastic Model Kit made by AMT.

The skill level for this model kit is a skill level 3. It is normally recommended for ages 12+ but can be done at any age with adult supervision. Assembly is required for this model kit.

There are over 300 super-detailed parts that are molded in white, chrome, and transparent. There are ten black vinyl truck tires. This model is made for a sliding 5th wheel trailer. You have the option for tilting the hood/fenders or gluing them in place.

The kit comes with authentic Coca-Cola decal graphics with optional schemes. The special Coca-Cola packaging art is created by Don Greer. The decals come in a plastic bag with a protective yellow sheet over them and the other side gives directions about application of the decals.

The instructions for this model have diagram part numbers and assembly numbers. Each section of instructions state assembly of different parts of the truck. The instructions include sections for engine, wheels, basic chassis, front suspension, rear suspension, chassis, cab assembly, sleeper, hood, interior, and final assembly.

There are also 4 small sections of assembly information for the following items. Attaching oil filters and oil coolers to the engine, attaching roof lights to the cab of the truck, full assembly of the wheels, and the battery box. You can choose to keep the cab stock or attach the roof lights to it. This is up to the modeler’s preference.

Information is given on what tools are needed, what should be done before beginning the model, and a paint guide. Modelers have the option to paint the model identical to the box art.

There may be some spots on the part trees with over molding plastic not removed by the manufacturer, but it comes off with no issues. Some parts may need some extra care to clean the plastic off.


1:25 Galaxie 1947 Chevy Fleetmaster By Rick Hopkins

woody 005woody 001
woody 002

woody 003

woody 004

The new Galaxie 1/25th scale 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Aerosedan Build by Rick Hopkins
I built mine as stock with the supplied separate woody panel for the sides of the car. The kit also comes with two different colors of the wood panel inserts (decals) and lots of other decals to totally customize your ride.   You can also build the model in either a 46′ 47′ or 48 versions. This is really just a different grill or grill add on but cool, none the less!
One hint for the builder though…when starting your build on either this Fleetmaster or the coupe:
Start by gluing the front fender assembly onto the main body first if you go by the instructions, this part will cause you a bit of a headache  during the rest of the build!
The optional chrome sun visor, lowered suspension, and snap-in white walls are a real plus .
This is a real sweet model kit and lots of fun to build with relative ease . The instructions are fairly easy to follow as well. I’ve done five of the Fleetmasters and six of the coupes now and will most likely do many more as my customers request them.
The kit is well thought out and the parts fit is way above average . This all white plastic kit has several ways you can build: stock, custom or drag racer.

Moebius 1971 Ford Ranger Review by Rick Hopkins

2 fords 001 2 fords 003 2 fords 006 2 fords 008

By Rick Hopkins
This review is for the new release of the Moebius 1/25th scale 1971 Ford Ranger pick up truck.
This kit is well worth the cost, it’s super detailed in every way! I’ve built three of these kits now and all of them fit together very well with the exception of the tailgate halves (need to sand the two halves before fitting together) and the wind-shield fits a little tight between the roof and cowling (be careful so as not to snap the clear plastic.)
Also, the body texture itself is a little rough,  it’s not real smooth like most models I’ve built in the past. to fix that, all you need to do is spray on a couple coats of primer and sand it before you do final paint. On my two kits you see here, I scratch built two different camper shells **not included in kit**
The kit is very accurate to the real truck… I had a real one of these back in the 80’s and this kit is dead on! Great job Moebius!
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Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV late production Tamiya #23584

6 tanks 001 6 tanks 002 6 tanks 004 6 tanks 005

Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV late production Tamiya #23584 by Rick Hopkins
I’ve just finished building not one, not two, but six great little models.
They are the new release of the Tamiya 1/48 Panzer IV late production Tamiya #23584
This model is superbly detailed in every way. Even though this is a smaller scale Tamiya has put every effort in making this model accurate and fun to build.  The tank comes molded in a desert tan with two metal tubular weights that fit into plastic sleeves on the inside. The kit also has the little rubber type grommets for you to use on the main gun hub and the front drive sprockets.
The kit supplies all plastic (no rubber style) (14 pc each side) track system that are made to be easily put together and in every case on these six models that track length came out perfect ! The kits are also made so you can add or take away the side armor on the turrets and the hulls during your build so you can make it look factory fresh or battle damaged? I also added weathering but straight from the box is cool too! On the six I’ve done here I made each one a little different that the others just to make them look more realistic….after all no two tanks where the same!
 I found these kits to be a lot of fun and when I was done I have some great little replicas of the WWII German Panzer IV (late production)

Airfix 1/72 scale “Handley Page” WWI bomber model kit # A06007

 1/72 scale "Handley Page" WWI bomber kit 1/72 scale "Handley Page" WWI bomber kit 1/72 scale "Handley Page" WWI bomber kit 1/72 scale "Handley Page" WWI bomber kitThis review is for a Airfix 1/72 scale “Handley Page” WWI bomber kit #A06007. The kit is pretty nice with tones of detailed parts and easy to follow instructions. This model maybe a 1/72 scale but it has a wingspan of 16 1/2″ and is 11″ long!
The way the instructions have you build the kit it allows you to do 95% of the rigging before you assemble the rest of the kit. this is a real nice change from trying to run all the strings when the wings, fuselage and other stuff are usually in the way.
The kit gives you two choices in the decals but there isn’t much difference in them?  It also gives you a choice of small bombs that hang from an internal rack or one large bomb that runs under the fuselage.
This is defiantly a kit you need to take your time with and really study at the instructions before applying any glue…. one boo boo and it could really screw things up for you later on in the building process. All in all, I like the kit and wouldn’t mind doing one or two more! Its priced decent and it lets you have a rare aircraft sitting in your collection and a lot of fun doing it as well.

Written and pictures by Rick Hopkins.
Thanks again Rick!

Building Scale Model Aircraft – Monogram B-29

This guy did a neat job of modifying a Monogram B-29 kit with electric motors and lights. Take a look at the video and enjoy.

Building Scale Model Aircraft

Here is a picture of the model as it is presented by Monogram. This model is still available as Monogram 855711

monogram b-29 plastic model aircraft kit

It is fun to watch the props turn. This video was from the website http://www.buildingscalemodelaircraft.com and I believe that the modeler’s name was Oscar Gagliardi.

Happy Modeling



See What is due out by Revell – Monogram this month



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These new releases are due any day.

'50 Oldsmobile Club Coupe

85-4254 ’50 OldsmobileTM
Rocket 88
Club Coupe 2n1

All new tooling!
Exclusive details include:

  • Separate frame
  • Stock car racer interior
  • Rear fender skirts and chrome trim
  • Scale: 1:25
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

85-4011 Shelby® Cobra
427 S/C®

Part of the value-priced Dream
Rides series.
Exclusive detaillling includes:

  • Opening hood with fully detailed
    427 cubic inch engine
  • 2 piece wire wheels and side
    exhaust system
  • Separate raised convertible top
  • Scale: 1:24
69 Dodge Charger Daytona

85-4910 ‘69 Dodge Charger Daytona

Exclusive detailing includes:

  • Aerodynamic nose section with
    photo-etched grill insert
  • Detailed 440 Magnum engine
  • High post 3 piece rear wing and
    separate fender scoops
  • Scale: 1:25
68 Pontiac Firebird

85-4905 Chip Foose ’68 Pontiac®

The first in the NEW Chip Foose
Exclusive details include:

  • Chip Foose Design wheels
  • Pontiac® 400 c.i. Ram
    AirTM engine
  • Optional race engine parts and
  • Scale: 1:25
Dodge Viper RT/10

85-4010 Dodge Viper RT/10

Part of the value-priced Dream
Rides series.
Exclusive detailing includes:

  • Hinged hood section with detailed
    V-10 engine
  • Coil spring suspension and 4 disc
  • Separate side exhaust
  • Scale: 1:25
UH-34D Marine Helicopter

85-5323 UH-34 D Marine Helicopter

Exclusive detailing includes:

  • Detailed cockpit and interior with
    separate side door
  • Recessed panel lines
  • Underside winch details
  • Scale: 1:48