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It’s A St. Louis Thing: R/C Airplanes…(Really Cool Airplanes)

This is a great video of radio control aircraft flying out at the Spirits of Saint Louis RC club field just south of Saint Charles. It was filmed and put together by the folks at the Higher Education Channel. Here are the local stations for HEC TV: Charter Cable Channel 989 (with converter box), Charter Cable Channel 108.26 or 118.26 (for digital TV’s), and AT&T U-verse Channel 99.

The Spirits RC club is a long standing club in the area. Here is a link to their website :


Higher Education Channel | It’s A St. Louis Thing: R/C Airplanes…(Really Cool Airplanes) – Free Full Episode Online.

Way to go guys. This was fun to watch.

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Great RC Flying Video to Watch

This is a great video to watch even if you are not into RC flying. The guy flying this is only 20 years old and is phenomenal. While you can learn certain things on the simulator, the only way to really get this good is to go out and fly (and crack up a few planes). I really envy modellers  that can fly like this. Just click on the image for the link to watch.

This originally came from Model Airplane News Magazine’s website and was written by John Reid.  Here is their comment:

“When Gernot Bruckmann stepped up to fly at last weekend’s Tucson Aerobatic Shootout, the crowd knew they were going to watch something special. A native of Villach, Austria, this young man is only 20 years old and has been flying model airplanes since he was 14 years old. So far he has competed in about 160 contests in different categories. After watching this video, I think you’ll agree with the judges who awarded him first place in this year’s Freestyle competition! He is now a 4-time Tucson Shootout 4-minute Freestyle champion, 3 Time E-TOC champion, 2 time EXFC Champion, 2 time German Acro Masters champion, and he is also the German and Austrian Champion in Acro Gliders.”

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Hobby Clubs and You

Over the years I have seen many a hobbyist go strong in their particular area of interest only to peter out as time went on because they did not have anyone to talk with that shared the same interest. Or there were times when the kids soccer games were over and the hobby interest was rekindled and the search was on to rejoin the group or club once again. While the number of clubs or number of members might not be as great as it was years ago before competition with the web or television there are a surprising number of groups or associations out there with your particular hobby interest. Here is a list of groups that we have put together:

I am sure that there are some clubs or groups that were missed, and I welcome your response to let me know of them. Whether your interest is Model Railroading, Radio Control Airplanes, Boats or Car/Truck racing, War Gaming, building Scale Models, it really doesn’t matter, there is a group of like minded people like you. As a rule there are also blogs and forums on the web that cater to your interests as well. Even if you are not a “club person” per say, just hanging around friends that share the same interest has always been motivation to keep plugging away at a project for me and will do the same for you.

I encourage you to look into and join or support the local hobby club or association that shares your hobby interest.

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What Makes a 4-Star 40 Fast for RC Pylon Racing by Paul Geders

Here is a great article written by Paul Geders of Saint Louis on how to supe up your Sig 4 Star Forty for club pylon racing. Paul has raced with the Spirits of Saint Louis Radio Control Flying Club for many years and has the experience and technical knowledge to give you a hand in building a winning racer. Take a few minutes to read this article, then go out and join the racing fun. Click on the link to read this:

What Makes a 4-Star 40 Fast for RC Pylon Racing by Paul Geders

By the way here is a link to the Spirits RC Flying Club website for more information on the club and their activities:

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