Norfolk Southern’s St. Louis District: NKP 765, Part 1 – YouTube


Here is a very nice video of the Nickleplate 765 Berkshire loco that came through on the Norfolk Southern lines this past weekend for Employee Appreciation events. The still photo in this post is from the St Louis Post Dispatch article.

Norfolk Southern’s St. Louis District: NKP 765, Part 1 – YouTube.




Train Pictures from Our Collection

Alton and Southern Railroad Steam Loco #16

Alton and Southern Railroad #16 Mikado locomotive. One of 7 Mikados that the A&S Railroad had in their stable of locomotives.

As most of you know we have developed a new website for . Our old website had a link to some images from our train photo collection (accumulation) and we added to that link additional images as we had time. We since the old website is no longer available I have begun to place the photos up on a Flickr site for the store. Here is a link to that site:

Eventually, I will get all of this under control and learn how to put buttons up for things like this. And we will be adding additional images from the collection on a regular basis now. So take a minute and enjoy some of these.

By the way, for all of our RC and Model customers, we have not forgotten you. We are working on some posts that will have an interest for you.