1:25 Galaxie 1947 Chevy Fleetmaster By Rick Hopkins

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The new Galaxie 1/25th scale 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Aerosedan Build by Rick Hopkins
I built mine as stock with the supplied separate woody panel for the sides of the car. The kit also comes with two different colors of the wood panel inserts (decals) and lots of other decals to totally customize your ride.   You can also build the model in either a 46′ 47′ or 48 versions. This is really just a different grill or grill add on but cool, none the less!
One hint for the builder though…when starting your build on either this Fleetmaster or the coupe:
Start by gluing the front fender assembly onto the main body first if you go by the instructions, this part will cause you a bit of a headache  during the rest of the build!
The optional chrome sun visor, lowered suspension, and snap-in white walls are a real plus .
This is a real sweet model kit and lots of fun to build with relative ease . The instructions are fairly easy to follow as well. I’ve done five of the Fleetmasters and six of the coupes now and will most likely do many more as my customers request them.
The kit is well thought out and the parts fit is way above average . This all white plastic kit has several ways you can build: stock, custom or drag racer.

Moebius 1971 Ford Ranger Review by Rick Hopkins

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By Rick Hopkins
This review is for the new release of the Moebius 1/25th scale 1971 Ford Ranger pick up truck.
This kit is well worth the cost, it’s super detailed in every way! I’ve built three of these kits now and all of them fit together very well with the exception of the tailgate halves (need to sand the two halves before fitting together) and the wind-shield fits a little tight between the roof and cowling (be careful so as not to snap the clear plastic.)
Also, the body texture itself is a little rough,  it’s not real smooth like most models I’ve built in the past. to fix that, all you need to do is spray on a couple coats of primer and sand it before you do final paint. On my two kits you see here, I scratch built two different camper shells **not included in kit**
The kit is very accurate to the real truck… I had a real one of these back in the 80’s and this kit is dead on! Great job Moebius!
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Revell 1:25th scale 1950 Ford F-1 kit By Rick Hopkins

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Here is an old one for you guys…Its a reissue of the old Revell 1:25th scale 1950 Ford F-1 kit.  This model reissue is of the street rod version but it does come with some of the old stock parts like the steely wheels, and hubcaps. It does have the old flathead block and some of the other parts but it replaces the flatheads with two chrome Hemi type heads and a three carburettor intake.
The body and chassis parts are moulded in crisp white plastic with red lenses for the chrome tail-light plus the clear parts for the windows and headlights. All the parts seem to still be pretty crisp with hardly any flash even after about 10 years since the model was first released.
The model went together fairly well as expected but I did do some altercations to make it personalized. I blacked out two of the kits really nice pop-in white wall tires and then added rust, dirt and grim along with a few parts box extras in the simulated wood bed.
Well after all these years of building planes, tanks, figures and a load of other type of models this 1:25th scale model kit just reminded me how fun and rewarding it could be! I recommend this kit to the pro or the novice….it’s a great kit either way!

Rick Hopkins reviews Tamiya kit #35338


Our friend Rick Hopkins contributed a great review of the Tamiya kit #35338!

“I started building my first model kits when I was about five years old. Over the next 45 years I developed my skills and found ways to make the models I was building more and more realistic all the time.
In the beginning I was only doing car models but in later years I began working with tanks, ships and aircraft, and sci-fi stuff like star trek, starwars ect. About 25 years ago a friend talked me into entering a model contest and to my surprise I took a third place ! well that inspired me even more so I began to enter every contest I could find and then I realized that people was interested in buying my work.
That opened a whole new world for me, at first I only sold items at model show and the like……then I found the internet ! Ebay let me sell models and custom builds of all sorts of models for people all around the world!
I’m 50 years old now and I’ve been buying and seeking advice from the great people at Mark Twain Hobby for many years. Now they are allowing me to build new released kits and then writing reviews on each one I do. Its a rough life but I guess somebody has to do it?

I was very expressed with this new offering from Tamiya. After opening the box I noticed the very crisp and super detailed parts on three parts trees one clear and two moulded in light gray with a decal sheet, poly caps for the wheels and a easy to read and follow instruction booklet.
As I begin the build I see that there are eight separate door handles (four inside and four for the outside) there are also separate brake, gas and clutch peddles along with the parking and shifting levers.
The kit offers several options one being 2 roofs an up version and a down style boot. You can also choose military or civilian use. The civilian version has pinstripe decals for the body along with the Toyota logos for the hubcaps and hood medallion. As normal Tamiya also supplies a nicely detailed driver figure.

Really the only thing that I see that Tamiya could have done better is to add a second figure for the rear seat and an opening hood and full engine detail instead of just the oil-pan only seen from the underside.

In conclusion. I found this new kit to be really enjoyable and I think” that Tamiya has hit another homerun with this one!”