Saint Louis Admirals Annual Regatta at Forest Park Boat House

The Saint Louis Admirals Radio Controlled Boat Club had their 24th Annual Regatta on September 29th and 30th at the Boathouse in Forest Park. Each year the boats keep getting better and better. Here are some pictures that were taken at the regatta and originally posted on their Facebook page. You can either click on the picture below or the link to see all of the pictures on Flickr:


If you enjoy RC boating (scale or non-scale electric) give the Admirals a call or visit their website here for more information on the club. Having known many of the members for a long time, I can assure that you will have a great time with this group.
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Regatta – St. Louis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club – Newsletter

The Saint Louis Admiral Radio Control Boat Club are preparing for their 24th Annual Regatta at the Boat House in Forest Park September 29th and 30th, 2012. This is a fun event with lots of boats to see running in the lake.

Here is a link to their information page:

Regatta – St. Louis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club – Newsletter.


Plan your calendar so that you can attend sometime during the 2 day event.
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